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2011-Chuck Waggoner Chuck Waggoner impacts our community more than anyone imagines, by his own design. A computer crime investigator, a State Policeman turned Attorney, and Prosecutor. We are still not sure Chuck really knows what he wants to be “when he grows up,” but we are sure that he changes lives every step of the way. Humble and dedicated, Chuck exemplifies the very essence of servant leadership. Chuck’s commitment and service to United Way programs strengthens and builds our community. Chuck will not only roll up his sleeves to work side by side Day of Caring youth every year, but he is also willing to devote large chunks in his schedule to spend time mentoring the teens in our Leadership Program, to “Pay it Forward”, he brings people together to make free legal advice available to clients who can’t afford an attorney, and even evaluates applications for our Dollars for Scholars scholarships. This man even climbed onto a sinking raft with youth leadership! Chuck is a selfless volunteer choosing to get involved when others aren’t willing to, and in doing so positively impacts the community as a whole, choosing without fail to remain anonymous. On behalf of our community and all the other organizations that are never allowed to express their gratitude, we do so now.. Thank you, Chuck!”

2010-Tim Grady was honored at the State Leaders conference in Indianapolis.

Also attending the conference from Jennings was Mary Hougland, United Way Vice President and Cheri Massey, Director.

Seven years ago, a “North Carolina Redneck” moved into our community. Before then, we didn’t have all this talk of “Nekkid” stick people. Tim Grady planted himself right into the heart of our community, and has been an incredible asset ever since. Our new Lowes Regional GM not only agreed to fill the board position left vacant by his predecessor, he stayed on to become Board President, Industry Chair, Allocations Chair, and after completing his second 3yr term in 2010, Tim has already agreed to serve as the 2011 and 2012 Campaign Chair.

Tim demonstrates leadership, sustained commitment and dedicated service to United Way and the community above and beyond average, into the realm of a phenomenal volunteer- serving multiple organizations, causes and needs. Tim makes a significant difference in our community through his involvement with United Way. Only the most dedicated of volunteers will not only impersonate Elvis AND a pirate; but also shave his head AND his chest! all for United Way.

2009 Volunteer of the Year Scott Franks was announced as the 2009 volunteer of the year at the United Way Annual meeting. Franks was honored at the Volunteer Awards Banquet at the State Leaders Conference in Indianaoplis March 19th, 2009.

2008 Volunteer of the Year

Rita Hurley was honored as the 2008 Volunteer of the year at the State Leader's conference in Indianapolis.


2007 Annual meeting.
Left to right, Greg Hicks, Linda Lamb, Linda Hall and Barb King.
Photo by Byrce Mayer, Plain Dealer & Sun Editor

2005 & 2004
Volunteer Company of the Year

LowesRegional Distribution Center was recognized at both the 2005 & 2004 State Leader's conferences. Representatives from Lowes attended the awards banquet to receive this state wide recognition. Thank you to Lowes for outstanding support of our United Way.
Lowes Kiss the Pig contest Video

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2007 Volunteer of the Year

Barbara King,with her son Nate, at the 2007 Awards Banquet
Barbara has led the campaign in Jennings County for the past two years. In 2005, she set the largest goal ever at $280,000, with a private goal of $300,000 and shattered both goals when results totaled over $328,000. She said, "I believe in setting goals. I told my cabinet, 'Let's set something to strive for. Let's get more people in our community to take advantage of the power of giving." In 2006 she set a goal of $306,500 and no one argued that it was too high. To date the goal has been met and surpassed by almost $10,000. Barbara served on the United Way board of directors in the early 1990's.. She is the owner of the local newspaper, North Vernon Plain Dealer and Sun and has used the media to support United Way for many years. She is married to John Roche and has two boys, Nathan and Liam. Barbara King is the kind of volunteer community wants to have.

2006 Volunteer of the Year Then first Lady of North Vernon and long time United Way supporter, Linda Hall was named Volunteer of the Year for Jennings County United Way at the State Leader's conference in Indianapolis March 9th. Linda has been an active volunteer with Jennings County United Way dating back to the early 1990's. She served on the Board of Directors for a three-year term ending in 1998. She was on the board during the time that our United Way grew from a $50,000 a year campaign to over $200,000. Linda was 2004 Campaign Chair, setting the goal at $250,000, our first attempt at a quarter of a million dollars. When final numbers came in, the campaign totaled $280,000, the largest campaign ever for Jennings County. Linda's inspiration and positive approach towards the community effort paid off. She was involved in all aspects of the campaign from strategy and planning the kick-off to leading cabinet meetings and being the face of the campaign. During the 2005 campaign, Linda volunteered to lead the Individuals Division and the Iron Rail Association, our Leadership giving club. She set two goals, to increase individual giving and to add new leadership givers to a growing list. She exceeded both goals and did this by helping devise a strategy to capture retirees who are lost to us from payroll deduction. Linda also was strongly involved with planning various campaign related activities. Recently, Linda graciously accepted yet another 3-year tenure on our Board of Directors. Linda is a true leader in Jennings County, quietly making a difference as she lends herself to many activities. Most people know who Linda Hall is, but few know how much she does for her community. Photo album.