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The "Heartbreak List."
A list of unmet needs in our community.
Day of Caring improves lives every April but the need is year round.


View the Heartbreak List, maybe YOU can adopt a project!

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(Note: submission does NOT mean the project will be adopted, or completed. In most cases, homeowners are asked to privide the funds for materials, and volunteers who adopt a project provide labor only.)

The "brag list"!!!!!!
completed projects.........

Older couple in need of a whole new roof in order to keep their 9 yr old child in the home.
***completed*** 2/2012

Couple in Tyler Crossing/Browns Corner Church area need a water leak repaired and sump pump replaced. The husband is diabled and had a heart attack in March. 12/5/2011

Elderly gentleman in Scipio area needs the gutters on a 1,000 sq ft home cleaned out. 11/21/2011

An older lady needs her home singled. She has enough money for materials, but not enough for labor on the estimates she's gotten. Her estimates say the roof size takes 30 square. 9/9/2011

An older, disabled couple (both) on fixed income needs handrails (possible a ramp) to ease entry into their home. 9/1/11


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The "brag list"!!!!!!
more completed projects

A cancer patient in need of labor to install trailer skirt (pole barn metal) and a back porch (probably with a wheelchair ramp) built onto her trailer. Family can purchase the materials, but lacks skills and ability to do the work. The steps are 4 high. 8/30/2011
***completed***Deck/Ramp 10/2012

Family with 2 babies in the home is in need of wiring check on thermostat for Central Air. Installed wrong, air works but when turned over to heat nothing works. 9/23/11***ADOPTED*** 1/11/2012

An elderly couple in their 80's, and on a fixed income are in need of a wheel chair ramp. The steps are 3 high. 8/26/11
***ADOPTED*** 1/11/2012

Elderly couple in need of new roof
***completed*** 2/26/2012

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